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A Little About Wash & Wik:

Gary and Ariel (husband and wife) dreamt up Wash & Wik while poolside on a mini vacation. Ariel said she wanted to start making soap and candles, and 72 hours later, Gary created a logo and filed to start a company. Wash & Wik was born.

Soon soap was being hand crafted and candles were being hand poured. Ariel hand blends every scent for both their soaps and their candles using the knowledge she has acquired over the years as a Certified Sommelier (Professional Wine Nerd). She blends essential and fragrance oils, from their trusted partners, to get the scents just right. 

Hand poured with love in Orlando, Florida, they are proud of every single product created thus far and every one of them is unique to Wash & Wik. They have chosen quality over quantity, which is reflected in the ingredients in their products.